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Have I ever told you how much I don’t like Nega? It’s a lot. I love Dr. Eggman, and Nega just ain’t got enough cool factor to be his descendant/clone/alternate counterpart, I’m sorry.

But he SHOULD be cool. So I’m trying some things with his character for when I  use him in my comic (Spoiler alert, he’s going to be in it). He’s supposed to be more sinister, right? So I’m seeing how I can combine pieces from the American Robotniks into his design, like the black and red eyes and the totally glam shoulder pads. Also, no goggles, because show off that shiny head. Bald is beautiful.

For his personality, he’s going to be just as crazy and childish as Eggman is, except with a kind of dark and sinister twist to make it more creepy. In the distopian future I’ve made for him, he likes to remind his lowly peon citizens that “Sunshine is a privilege, not a right,” and keeps the sky blocked out from view. He’s not really more competent than Eggman, just more brutal and evil, and therefore more likely to be successful. 

Some people have no sense of elegance. Eggman, show ‘em how you take over the world the PROPER way.

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