I'm here to draw things and appreciate Eggman.


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The doc tries to be pally with his greatest creation and Metal’s having none of it.

Still sour grapes over having his AI wiped and reprogrammed after the debacle in Heroes?

"I will never call you Dad." ~Metal Sonic


I get really sassy on the Club Nintendo registration surveys and I don’t know where that part of me comes from.


KINDA MAYBE ALMOST LATE BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR beanthedynamite!!!!! ur the nicest person ever and ilu have an Angry Bird

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rp partner: i suppose our muses could be happy for once
me: or
me: OR
me: we kill them

Sweet news all!



Almost there people. 

Aaaalmost there. 

*grabby hands*

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Someday I’ll be able to draw Sonic characters in something other than 3/4 - front facing sassy poses.

Today is not that day.


Found this way buried in some backup folders and threw some color on it. I have no idea if I ever posted it anywhere. Oh, them sonic days.

Pretty sure this just started out as a girl with dreads, and slowly turned into femKnuckles. Because I would draw a flat out girl knux as way more beefy. I dig the guardian mark as a ritualistic scar, though. Good going, 2009 me.

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surprising no one i drew more shard


Not enough praise is being given to Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato for their amazing use of color on Detective Comics. Buccellato’s colors are as vital to the story as Manapul’s illustration. The way they are playing with color contrast, texture, and atmosphere is refreshingly daring and effective.

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